5 Reasons To Stick With Cheap Jeans

Cheap jeans are not as highly regarded as jeans from more expensive brands and designer labels, but less expensive does not always mean inferior. For some good reasons to stick with cheap jeans, read the following five points:


Of course, this is the foremost reason. Given how inflation is affecting everybody, one way to offset the rising cost of jeans is to shop for lower-priced and lesser-known brands, especially when they are on sale. While “affordable” has a different meaning to everybody, do avoid extremely low-priced jeans (under $15), as too low of a price can often have too high of a cost (do you want your ultra-cheap jeans to split down the backside while bending over?).

When wear, accidental tears, stains, or other mishaps can ruin one’s jeans, it’s less painful to replace a $50 pair of jeans than ones that are $250.


More important than price, comfort is a major consideration for cheap jeans. It is far better to wear cheap jeans that feel good all day than uncomfortable expensive stylish designer jeans.


Having a waist and inseam that fits you is also essential, and cheap jeans can fit every bit as well as more expensive jeans. Be careful when shopping, as measurements vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. For example, brand A’s 32×34 may have a different fit than brand B’s 32×34 jeans.


There are reasons why cheap jeans are, well, cheap. For lower labor costs, cheap jeans are manufactured in China, India, or Pakistan. To reduce material costs, lower-quality cotton and/or a cotton/synthetic blend is used. For additional cost-cutting, cheap jeans are made with little or no distressing, rivets and closures of lesser quality, and lower-quality stitching. To further lower costs, jean manufacturers employ fewer designers and just copy (with some minor differences) higher-end jean designs.

But don’t let “lower quality” deter you. Manufacturers often selectively cut corners on some of the above qualities, but not all of them. Also, keep in mind that quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. One may choose to operate in China and use lower-quality cotton, while another may operate in India and use slightly cheaper rivets and closures.


Unless you hang with connoisseurs of jeans, nobody will notice or care about how stylish your jeans are. A design that’s five years old is just as good as one that’s six months old. If you’re not sure, then just go with a classic design. Also, avoid jeans that aren’t age-appropriate. If you’re in your early 20s, don’t wear jeans that befit somebody 40+ (AKA “Dad jeans” or “Mom jeans”), and if you are 40+, don’t wear jeans that look like they’re from your kid’s closet.

In short, cheap jeans let you save money and enjoy jeans that are comfortable, well-fitting, of reasonable quality, and stylish.

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