6 Tips for Buying Custom Phone Cases

According to a recent survey, 58% of people are more likely to tell someone about a gift they received if it was personalized. Customization makes a gift feel more special and thought-out, so it makes sense that gift receivers would be more inclined to talk about it.

Customizing items in your everyday life can give you this burst of dopamine, too. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to consider buying some custom phone cases.

Considering it’s something that most humans have with them at all times, it’s nice to look down at your phone and see it reflect something that speaks to you personally.

Now, it’s easier than ever to buy a custom phone case, but you should learn some tips first to ensure your success.

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1. Consider the Style

There are tons of different styles of phone cases out there, so deciding which style you want is the best place to start. Decide between soft cases versus hard cases, eco-friendly cases, and cases built solely to protect your phone from shattering.

If you don’t want the case to change the look of the phone too much, you’ll probably want to go with a slimmer silicone case.

If your main goal is protection, a thicker and tougher case is probably more of the style you’re looking for.

Perhaps going plastic-free is important to you, in which you would go with a phone case that is made from biodegradable materials like bamboo. Figure out what style suits you best, and you can move on from there.

2. Play With Different Features

When designing your custom phone case, you should think about what features you want to include.

For instance, you may want to have a card slot on the back of your phone to keep your credit cards handy.

Or, you may want a phone case that has a notch so you can attach a lanyard to it. You may not even realize how many features there are to choose from, so do a little research and look around so you can consider all of your options.

3. Be Picky With Your Colors

Unless you want to customize a phone case every few weeks, you want to be very selective with the colors that you choose.

Your case should work for everyday life, though that doesn’t mean it has to be completely neutral or boring. If you match your personal aesthetic, it will always work for you. Play around with different colors, and consider what matters to you most.

For instance, if you want your phone case to match with you more often than not, glance over the clothes in your closet and determine what colors you wear the most. Create a palette, and have fun mixing and matching the various colors within it.

This rule can also bend for holidays and different seasons if you want something more specific, such as a cheerful red and green phone case during Christmastime.

4. Choose a High-Quality Photo

If you are using a custom phone case maker, and want to utilize a picture, you must focus on producing something that is high-quality. There is nothing worse than submitting a picture you think will look brilliant, only to receive your phone case and have it look less than desirable.

Avoid this, and only choose high-quality pictures, generally at least 300 pixels per inch.

5. Focus on Protection

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Even if you aren’t constantly dropping your phone, you’re buying a phone case because you know it offers a necessary layer of protection. Getting little chips, cracks, and scratches on your phone is almost as bad as shattering the whole thing, after all.

For slimmer cases, you want to make sure they offer protection around the corners. The more it covers, the better, but these cases do not offer much drop protection.

Rugged cases offer the most protection and the most bulk. Their use of shells, air pockets, and reinforced corners will keep your phone looking brand new no matter what it goes through, but this style isn’t necessary for everyone.

There’s a happy medium, like MagSafe cases, that works for most people. But, no matter what kind of case you choose, always check out what it offers in protection before committing to it.

6. Set Your Budget

If you are deciding to go with a custom phone case, you probably already have a budget in mind. This can help guide you throughout the entire process.

Bulkier and tougher cases are usually more expensive because of their protective technology. However, some companies will be more expensive because they offer tons of customization options to choose from, but not a lot of protective features.

Once you work your way through the beginning of this guide, you should have a good idea of what you want to spend more of your money on.

If you have really cool customization ideas and barely drop your phone, there is no need to spend extra money just to make it bulkier. It’s all about what you need, so only make compromises in your budget that work for you.

Use This Guide to Find the Best Custom Phone Cases

Custom phone cases offer a chance to show who you are, and they can also protect your phone all at the same time. Now that you know what you should consider throughout your custom phone case journey, you are ready to go out there and find the perfect one.

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