7 Best Meal Delivery Services [Dietitian Tested]

Are you in a rut when it comes to making dinner? You’re not alone. It can be hard to get a healthy dinner on the table if you live in a busy household.

Meal delivery services can be a fantastic solution as they deliver recipes and pre-portioned ingredients straight to your door each week. No meal planning or grocery shopping is required. Simply choose your meals and cook dinner.

However, since there are so many meal kit services on the market, it can be difficult to choose one. We tested all the major options nationwide and found the best meal delivery services available today.

Which Food Delivery Subscription Is Best?

We tested and reviewed numerous meal delivery subscription services. To choose the best one, we ranked them based on the following factors:

  • Taste: The meal delivery kits that made this list are the best-tasting options of all the services we tried. 
  • Ease of preparation: We also chose services with simple recipes that don’t require excessive prep time.
  • Variety: The meal kits that made the list offer a wider variety of meal choices each week than others.
  • Affordability: We also included subscription-based services at various price points so that every household can find a meal kit that fits their budget.
  • Customer experience: Some of the other criteria we looked for included things that improve the customer experience, like free shipping, eco-friendly packaging, good customer service, ingredients organized by recipe, and add-ons.
  • Healthfulness: We also looked for meal delivery services that offered healthy meals using fresh ingredients, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean protein. Some offer meals for weight loss, while others cater to specific dietary needs.

As a preview, here’s how each service compares.

Here are the top meal delivery services for 2022.

1. Sunbasket

Sunbasket is our top meal kit company because they use high-quality organic ingredients. Plus, they have nutritionally balanced meals for many different dietary restrictions and special diets.

Top Sirloin with Romesco, Vegetables, and Almonds


Sunbasket offers traditional meal kits, pre-made single-serving meals, and a small selection of add-on grocery items each week. 

They use organic ingredients and simple recipes to highlight unique international flavors, like Thai Panang Curry with Spicy Yuba, Bok Choy, and Rice Noodles as well as Spanish Steaks with Patatas Bravas and Bell Pepper Aioli.

Sunbasket offers around 35-40 weekly meal options. It also has grab-and-go breakfasts, lunches, and snacks in its grocery section. 

You can choose two to five dinners each week for two or four people. The service is a good fit for those with special diets or food allergies because it allows you to filter by these dietary needs.

I thought my Sunbasket meals were easy to prepare and delicious, but they were not particularly kid-friendly.


Meal kits start at $10.99 per serving, while Fresh & Ready single-serving meals start at $8.99 per serving. Grocery items are priced individually. 

Right now, Sunbasket is offering free shipping on your first delivery. Otherwise, shipping costs $7.99 per box.

Best For

Sunbasket is a great fit for people with special dietary needs, like gluten-free, vegan, or paleo. It’s also good for people with food allergies and those who prefer to eat only organic ingredients. 

However, Sunbasket is more expensive than most other meal delivery services. Read our Sunbasket review to learn more.

2. Home Chef

Home Chef is the best meal kit delivery service for simple recipes that are family-friendly. They offer several quick options, including oven-ready or grill-ready meals.

Crunchy Wonton Chicken and Spicy Gochujang Aioli with Sesame Brussels Sprouts


Home Chef is a family-friendly meal service offering a wide variety of ready-to-make meals, including their line-up of Easy Prep Meal Kits. These include15-Minute Meal Kits, Fast & Fresh, Oven-Ready, and Grill-Ready meals. 

Their offerings include recipes like BBQ Ranch Steak Tacos with Quick-Pickled Jalapenos as well as Cheesy Ricotta Stuffed Meatloaf and Broccoli with Bread Crumbs.

Home Chef provides 25-30 recipes per week. They also offer grocery items and easy meal bundles, like Pizza and Salad Bundles, as add-ons. 

You can choose two to six recipes per week for two, four, or six people.

I enjoyed the recipes from Home Chef and found that they were easy to prepare. My whole family loved them as well.


Home Chef’s meals start at $6.99 per serving, and shipping costs $10.99 per order. Add-ons are priced individually. 

Currently, Home Chef is offering 16 free meals across your first three boxes and a free gift with your first box. 

Best For

Home Chef is the best choice if you’re looking for family dinners that are convenient. Their variety of traditional and Easy-Prep Meal Kits make them a great fit for busy families. 

However, they don’t offer as many weekly options as some other services. Read our Home Chef review to learn more.

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3. Dinnerly

Dinnerly is one of the best cheap meal kits, with prices of around $5 per serving. We also like that they offer several kid-friendly meals and menu options for picky eaters.

Chicken Parm with Roasted Broccoli & Garlic Bread


Dinnerly is an inexpensive meal kit service that offers a variety of family-friendly recipes each week, like No Chop Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta and Cheesy Cauliflower Parm with Romaine Wedge. 

The company is owned by Marley Spoon, another meal kit service.

Despite their low pricing, Dinnerly boasts a large weekly menu that includes over 50 items, including breakfasts and desserts. They also offer some low-calorie, low-carb, and vegetarian meals. 

You can choose three to six meals each week for two or four people.

Dinnerly meals are easy to prepare, but they don’t provide printed recipe cards. I found that having to constantly open my phone to read the recipe while cooking was a little annoying.


Dinnerly’s meals start at $4.69 per serving, and shipping costs $8.99 per order. 

Dinnerly isn’t currently offering any promotions.

Best For

If you’re on a budget, Dinnerly is a great service. Even though they’re less expensive than many other meal kit delivery services, they still offer a wide variety of meals each week. 

However, Dinnerly doesn’t provide recipe cards. You need to use the app or website for cooking instructions. Read our Dinnerly review to learn more.

4. Freshly

Freshly is our top pick for prepared meal delivery. They prioritize healthy eating with no added sugar or artificial ingredients and offer many healthier versions of classic meals.

Turkey Meatballs & Zoodles with Rustic Tomato Sauce


Unlike the other services on this list, Freshly offers fully prepared meals that just need to be reheated. They use only real food ingredients, with no artificial additives, added sugar, or preservatives. 

Many of their meals are healthier versions of classic meals, like Protein-Packed Chicken Parm and Heartland Turkey Meatloaf.

Freshly has 40 different selections each week, including breakfasts and extra servings of protein. They even offer a handful of vegetarian, low-calorie, low-carb, and gluten-free meals. 

You can choose four to 12 meals each week.

Freshly meals are easy to prepare, only requiring reheating. However, I found that some of the vegetables were mushy after heating.


Freshly’s meals start at $8.99 each. To unlock this price, you need to order more meals each week. Smaller orders will cost more per meal. 

Shipping costs $6.99. Promotions vary, but Freshly typically offers $15 or $20 off each box for your first several orders.

Best For

If you’re looking for pre-packaged single-serving meals, Freshly is a good option. It’s less expensive than many other pre-made meal delivery services but offers healthier versions of your favorite foods. 

However, I noticed some of the vegetables seemed a little soggy after reheating. Read our Freshly review to learn more.

5. Purple Carrot

If you follow a plant-based diet, Purple Carrot is the best meal delivery subscription service. They offer breakfasts, lunches, dinners, single-serving meals, and add-ons for vegans as well as vegetarians.

White Bean Cassoulet with Smoky Cremini Mushrooms and Basil Pesto


Purple Carrot is a 100 percent plant-based meal kit service offering traditional meal kits, pre-made single-serving meals, and a vegan “Plantry” with grocery items. 

Meal selection options include recipes such as Buffalo Cauliflower Quesadillas with Jalapeno Mango Salsa & Ranch and Scallion Mushroom Dumplings with Sesame Kale Salad & Kimchi Mayo.

They offer about 20 different meals each week, including breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Add-ons include desserts and snacks. 

You can choose three or four meals per week for two or four people or up to ten single-serving meals each week. They also offer a custom box option where you can mix meal kits and single-serving meals.

Although I’m not a vegetarian, I enjoyed the flavors in our Purple Carrot meals and found they were fairly easy to prepare. However, I thought the portion sizes were on the small side. 

Additionally, many recipes don’t contain enough protein.


Purple Carrot meal kits start at $9.99 per serving, and their single-serving meals are a flat $11.99 each. Plantry items vary in price.

Purple Carrot is also one of the few meal kit services that offers free shipping. They are currently offering $20 off your first order for new users.

Best For

Purple Carrot is ideal for vegans and vegetarians since its ingredients are 100 percent plant-based. 

However, I found that the portion size for each meal was on the small side, and some meals were lacking in protein.

6. HelloFresh

HelloFresh is our choice for the best family-friendly meal kit delivery service. They offer a variety of flavorful recipes each week, and their cooking instructions are easy for a beginner cook to follow.

Chimichurri Pork Tenderloin with Honey Roasted Carrots & Lime Rice


HelloFresh is arguably the most popular meal kit service available. They offer a number of family-friendly meals each week and are also rolling out add-on grocery items. 

Some of their “Hall of Fame” meals include Yucatan Citrus Turkey Bowls with Green Pepper, Smoky Red Pepper Crema, & Pickled Onion as well as Chicken, Zucchini, and Tomato Flatbreads with Lemon Ricotta, Fresh Parsley, Honey, & Chili Flakes.

HelloFresh’s variety of recipes includes more than 50 options per week, including some vegetarian meals. 

You can choose two to six meals each week for two or four people.

This service is a personal favorite for my family. We love how the ingredients are organized by recipe, and they offer many meals that my kids like.


HelloFresh meals start at $7.49 per serving, and shipping costs $8.99 per box. 

Currently, HelloFresh is offering 65 percent off and free shipping on your first box.

Best For

HelloFresh is ideal for families. It has a variety of meal choices for all ages, is moderately priced, and features convenient packaging that makes it easy to cook dinner. 

However, it’s not suitable for people with specific dietary needs. Read our HelloFresh review to learn more.

7. Marley Spoon

If you want variety each week, Marley Spoon is the ideal meal kit for you. They offer over 45 unique meal options weekly, including breakfasts and desserts.

Bourride Provencal Fish Stew with Aioli and Crispy Croutons


Marley Spoon is Martha Stewart’s meal delivery service that features many of her recipes. Like HelloFresh, they offer a wide selection of meals. 

However, Marley Spoon is more targeted to foodies, whereas HelloFresh is focused on families with kids. Some options from the Marley Spoon menu include Spicy Pork Tteokbokki and Mushroom Bourguignon.

Marley Spoon features about 45 recipes each week, including desserts and breakfasts. They also offer some vegetarian, low-calorie, and quick-prep options. 

You can choose two to six meals per week for two or four people.

I loved the flavors of the Marley Spoon recipes we tried, but not all of their recipes are easy to prepare. Some are more complicated, which may make the service a great fit for people who are skilled cooks.


Marley Spoon starts at $8.49 per serving, and shipping costs $9.99 per box. 

They’re currently offering up to 56 percent off your first order, then $20 off your second order.

Best For

Marley Spoon is the best option for people who want lots of variety each week since they offer  numerous meal options. 

However, they don’t have many choices for special diets and may not be a good fit for people with food allergies. 

Read our Marley Spoon review to learn more.

Bottom Line

Meal delivery services offer easy-to-prepare meals that are healthy and convenient without the hassle of meal planning or grocery shopping.

They can be helpful for busy households that need to save time. However, it can be difficult to find the right one because there are so many to choose from.

If you’re ready to try a meal kit delivery service, any of the options on this list are a great starting point.

What’s your favorite meal delivery service?

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