75 Best Halloween Party Songs and Playlist

The best Halloween party songs all put together into playlists for your next Halloween party! Choose from playlists full of Halloween songs for adults and Halloween songs for kids or a mix of the two! It’s all of the Halloween songs you could ever need for Halloween night!

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My family loves Halloween with all of its spooky fun, candy, costumes, and Halloween games! But one of the things that I’ve found lacking at most Halloween parties is a good playlist full of Halloween party songs.

For some reason, there are always great playlists full of the best Christmas songs but Halloween is sorely lacking.

And I’m not talking about just the classics like Monster Mash but an actual curated playlist full of the best Halloween inspired songs out there!

So I’ve put together that list – the best Halloween songs I could find. And I’ve turned it into two Halloween playlists that you can just play at your upcoming party on the creepiest night of the year!

Two Halloween Party Playlists

There are different playlists below – one that’s good for all ages and one that’s better for teens and adults. The teen and adult one does have some of the classic kid-friendly songs like Purple People Eater, but it also has more adult type songs like Demons by Imagine Dragons.

Both of the playlists are available to listen to through Tidal, a music streaming app that my family just discovered and has been trying and absolutely loving.

With over 90M+ songs, 450K+ videos in HD, and live album experiences, it’s a great place to find music.

Plus, they have this awesome family plan that allows up to six accounts to enjoy the account together!

And if you have kids, they have TONS of clean (aka profanity-free) playlists, songs, and collections that are perfect for kids. It was SO helpful to be able to find clean options for songs with explicit language when I was putting together these Halloween playlists!

Plus, all of Tidal’s music is HiFi sound quality, making the music sound just amazing. If you’re going to put all of the time and effort into creating the perfect Halloween song list, you want it to sound good!

Tidal offers two different subscription options – HiFi or HiFi Plus. Both options include access to their entire library of songs and videos, are ad-free, and allow you to listen offline with unlimited skips (hallelujah!).

screenshot of Tidal website with pricing

The plus option adds on additional audio formats like Master Quality Audio and has direct artist payouts so the artists you listen to most (hello Imagine Dragons and Vitamin String Quartet) get up to 10% of your subscription fee. You can compare plan options here.

Special Offer!

Right now you can get a free 30 day trial if you sign up using this link! It’s the perfect time for getting access to all of this Halloween music in time for Halloween!

Adult Halloween Party Songs

This playlist is full of Halloween classics, Halloween themed music, and more! I went with all of the non-explicit options in my playlist just in case you still want to play this one for a family party, but some of the themes are a bit darker and spookier!

Screenshot of a Halloween playlist

This list also includes a lot of the songs from the kids Halloween playlist (other than the Kidz Bop songs) since that one is full of family-friendly Halloween classics. They’re not all listed on this playlist again but they are on there when you play it!

But it’s full of the best songs for Halloween and definitely what we’ll be playing at our Halloween party this year!

You can get access to this playlist on Tidal by clicking here!

  1. Time Warp (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show)
  2. Pyscho Killer by Talking Heads
  3. Black Magic Woman by Santana
  4. Witchy Woman by the Eagles
  5. Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo
  6. Monster by Lady Gaga
  7. Stranger Things by Kygo and OneRepublic
  8. Werewolves of London
  9. I Put a Spell On You by Nina Simone
  10. This is Halloween by Marilyn Manson
  11. Ghost Town by Kanye West
  12. Phantom of the Opera by Andrew LLoyd Webber
  13. Haunted by Beyonce (aka Queen Bey)
  14. Devil Woman by Cliff Richard
  15. Scary Monsters by David Bowie
  16. Ghost Riders in the Sky by Johnny Cash
  17. Superstition by Stevie Wonder
  18. Freaks Come Out at Night by Whodini
  19. Main Theme from Friday the 13th
  20. Zombie by the Cranberries
  21. Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon
  22. Bad Guy by Billie Eilish
  23. Demons by Imagine Dragons
  24. Wolves by Selena Gomez
  25. Walk like a Zombie by HorrorPops
  26. True Blood by Justin Timberlake
  27. Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  28. Disturbia by Rhianna (this is also on my playlist of the best running songs!)
  29. Freakshow by Britney Spears
  30. Seven Wonders by Fleetwood Mac
  31. Pet Sematary by Ramones
  32. I Put a Spell On You by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  33. Little Ghost by The White Stripes
  34. Hungry Like a Wolf by Duran Duran
  35. Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  36. Harry Halloween from Bela Lugosi by Allan Sherman (this one is just funny)
  37. Howlin’ for You by The Black Keys
  38. Sympathy for the Devil by The Black Keys
  39. I Put a Spell On You by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (sorry this song is on there a couple of times, I just love all the variations).
  40. Ghost in the Machine by B.O.B.
  41. Halloween theme song
  42. Ghost Town by The Specials
  43. Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell
  44. Nightmare on Elm Street Theme song
  45. Tales from the Crypt by Danny Elfman
  46. Highway to Hell by AC/DC
  47. Little Shop of Horrors theme song
  48. X-Files theme song
  49. The Shining theme song
  50. Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

Kids Halloween Party Songs

This Halloween playlist is full of Halloween music that is more kid-friendly in both sound and nature. They’re less spooky and more not-so scary (think Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party type “spooky.”). If it’s a fun song that’s Halloween themed, it’s on this list.

Kids Halloween playlist screenshot

I didn’t go over the top childish (i.e., no Halloween Sharks by Pink Fong or CocoMelon’s Little Pumpkins song) just in case you want to use this song for a family party as well but did make it work for party guests of any age!

You can download this little mix on Tidal by clicking here.

  1. Monster Mash by Bobby Boris Picket
  2. Nightmare on My Street by DJ Jazzy Jeff, the Fresh Prince
  3. Addams Family
  4. Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley
  5. I Put a Spell on You by Bette Middler (the Hocus Pocus version)
  6. Witch Doctor by David Seville
  7. This is Halloween (from The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  8. Oogie Boogie’s Song (from the Nightmare Before Christmas)
  9. Ghostbusters (who you gonna call… – this would be great to play while you’re doing this Halloween punch game!)
  10. Spooky Scary Skeletons by Andrew Gold
  11. Thriller by Michael Jackson
  12. Twilight Zone theme song
  13. The Wobblin’ Goblin by Rosemary Clooney
  14. Poor Unfortunate Souls from Little Mermaid
  15. Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead by Barbara Streisand
  16. Boo! For You Halloween by Genevivie Goings
  17. Grim Grinning Ghosts (from the Haunted Mansion)
  18. Disney Halloween Medley by Jon Cozart & Voctave
  19. I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow
  20. Halloween Party by Kidz Bop
  21. Harry Potter Prologue
  22. The Human Bash by Billy Kelly (a parody of monster mash)
  23. We Only Come Out At Night by Smashing Pumpkins
  24. Dinner with Drac by John Zacherle
  25. Rotten to the Core from The Descendants

More Halloween Playlists

If you need even more ideas, Tidal has a fantastic selection of curated Halloween playlists (and other playlists) for every Halloween party need! I’ve included links below to listen to ones to get some more songs for your party!

screenshot of playlists in Tidal music app

You can even click on the links and then pick and choose the songs you want to make your own custom Halloween party playlist like I did!

  • Halloween classics – the classics, do I need to say more?
  • Hip-Hop Halloween – there are lots of explicit hip hop songs in this one, just beware if you’re having a family party. Think Monster by Kanye West type songs.
  • Disney Halloween – think songs you might hear at Oogie Boogie Bash or during spooky season at Disney parks!
  • Pop Halloween – tons of upbeat pop songs that have Halloween themes!
  • Rock Halloween – rock songs with Halloween themes, this is one of my favorites! If it’s a Halloween song by a rock band, it’s on here!
  • Kidz Bop Halloween – if you want to go really kid themed, these are Kidz Bop version of Halloween pop songs!
  • Jazz Halloween – if you’re more into things like Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong, this might be a good option!
  • Metal Halloween – heavy metal meets Halloween, these are a bit louder and a bit spookier.
  • Halloween Pride Party – random assortment of Halloween themed songs
  • Classical Halloween – think classical music combined with Halloween, these are great for things like haunted houses and background music!
  • Horror Soundtrack Classics – every song from a horror movie (hello all the movies by Stephen King) you can think of, these would be great for haunted houses and background music! These are the type of songs that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!
  • K-Pop Halloween – K-Pop Halloween songs, no explanation needed.

And in case you missed it, you can get my kids Halloween playlist here and my adult Halloween playlist here.

Don’t forget that you can get a 30 day free trial if you sign up using this link, so sign up and get access to these playlists right now!

Whether you’re having a costume party or just a generic Halloween theme party, you should be able to find plenty of Halloween party songs for an entire day or night full of spooktacular fun!

More Halloween Party Ideas

If you haven’t planned out the rest of your party yet, here are some of our most popular Halloween party ideas that might help with planning!

  • Halloween word search – a free printable Halloween word search that’s great for kids and teens!
  • Halloween scavenger hunt – tons of free riddles and clues to send kids on a fun Halloween themed treasure hunt!
  • Halloween would you rather – would you rather be a werewolf or a vampfire? Kid-friendly questions that will have everyone laughing themselves silly!
  • Halloween family feud – a Halloween inspired version of the classic TV show, this one’s always a hit!
  • Halloween punch – a delicious and somewhat spooky drink that’s fun for all ages!

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