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9 Recipes to Make After Pumpkin Picking

After coming home from a nice long day of pumpkin picking the question is what will you do with all those pumpkins you gathered? Carving pumpkins is a fun seasonal activity for the whole family, but why waste the insides of the pumpkins? 

Put those pumpkins to use with these fall pumpkin recipes!

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Pumpkin Pancakes 

Who doesn’t like a good classic pancake? Adding pumpkin flavor makes this breakfast staple even better! Top with nutmeg, whipped cream and a drizzle of maple syrup for a complete fall breakfast dish.

Pumpkin Hard Cider Cheese Dip 

Fall and scary movies go hand in hand, so why not whip up a perfect cheese dip to enjoy during a scary movie marathon? You can’t go wrong with this melty combination of cheeses topped with bacon. It’s best served with sweet potato chips, apple slices and raisin nut bread. 

Pumpkin Lasagna Rolls 

Add a fall twist to your traditional lasagna dish. This dish features lasagna noodles with a creamy and cheesy pumpkin filling in the middle. Just make sure you have the right amount of filling in each roll so all of the rolls can cook evenly. This dish is perfect for a warm and cozy fall night.

Pumpkin Caramel Bread Pudding 

Just reading the name of this dessert is enough to put you into the fall mood. The caramel sauce is the star of  this dish, and it comes together perfectly with the pumpkin puree. The warm spices needed for this recipe make it the ultimate fall dessert. Enjoy it after dinner or in the morning with a nice cup of coffee. 

Pumpkin Pie

We couldn’t put this list together without mentioning pumpkin pie! Top with whipped cream and enjoy with a cup of a seasonal fall drink, like egg nog or apple cider. You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to have this dessert! 

Pumpkin Brownies

If you love brownies and pumpkin, this is the perfect treat for you. This flavor combination will blow your mind. Chocolate and pumpkin flavor with fall spices come together for a fun and exciting twist to a classic brownie recipe. It can be served perfectly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Pumpkin Swirl Cookies

These oversized cookies come jam-packed with pumpkin flavor. When you break it open it reveals a decadent swirl of cookie and vanilla cream. Enjoy these cookies hot or cold with a tall glass of milk.  

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

There’s no better remedy for a dark, cold fall day than a soothing cup of hot chocolate. This twist on the classic cozy drink combines white chocolate with seasonal fall flavors like pumpkin and spices. Plus, this recipe can be made in a slow cooker, making it a great choice to make for a large group this fall.

Sparkling Spiced Pumpkin Punch

Here’s something just for the parents, especially those who love all sorts of fall scents and flavors. Combine pumpkin puree with apple cider, orange juice, spiced rum, chilled sparkling wine and fall spices and you’ll have a punch perfect for all of your fall festivities!

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