Adobe Celebrates 50 Years Of Ziggy Stardust With Free Bowie-Inspired Tools

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David Bowie wasn’t just one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century, but he also spearheaded a revolution for art and freedom of expression. These are areas Adobe deeply resonates with, so to mark the 50th anniversary of Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust, the creative tech company is giving away a full suite of tools and assets inspired by the musical great.

Needless to say, Adobe was Under Pressure to illustrate the Starman’s myriad qualities—so it has brought not one, not two, but over 200 digital tools to do justice to his depth. In line with Bowie’s love of self-expression, the kit is designed to inspire people to explore their identities and emanate limitless creativity.


Image via Adobe


The Adobe x Bowie collection is in collaboration with Bowie 75, the campaign commemorating Bowie’s 75th birthday.

The vibrant assets include makeup brushes, textures and patterns reminiscent of Bowie’s most iconic outfits, color swatches, vectors, stickers, and Substance 3D props drawn from Bowie’s album covers and posters.


Image via Adobe

Head here to download the entire Adobe x Bowie pack. The assets are compatible across Creative Cloud apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Photoshop and Illustrator for iPad, Fresco, Adobe Express, and the Substance suite.




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