Adobe SheCodes Interview Experience for Product Intern(2022)

In this blog, I’ll share my interview experience for the role of Adobe – Product Intern(2022) for which I got an interview opportunity through the shecodes initiative. First, let me give a brief note on Adobe SheCodes,

Adobe SheCodes is an initiative by Adobe to provide Internships for women in technology in order to promote diversity and empower women to take up an active role in technological careers.

Basically, it was an on-campus hiring & the selection procedure is as follows,

Round 1: 06-Oct-2021

It was the first and foremost filtration round – CoCubes Assessment, which consists of 3 sections.

  • Cognitive – 30 Question, 30 min – MCQ Questions.
  • Computer Fundamental  – 20 Question, 20 min – MCQ Questions.
  • Coding  – 2 Questions, 20 min – Programming Test.

Coding Questions – String Manipulation and Array-based Question (Difficulty level of coding questions were easy).

6 Students from my college were shortlisted for Round 2

Round 2: 31-Oct-2021

I received a mail on the 29th of October that I’m shortlisted for the 2nd round and it is scheduled on 31st October.

It was more similar to the Round 1 pattern but it has an additional section of gamified aptitude and the difficulty level of coding questions was medium to hard.

  • Cognitive – 20 Question, 20  min – MCQ Questions.
  • Computer Fundamental – 20 Question, 20 min – MCQ Questions.
  • Coding – 2 Questions, 45 min – Programming Test.
  • Gamified Assessment – 3 Tasks, 23 min – Game-Based Assessment.

Coding Questions – Lexicographic rank of a string and an Array Based Question.

Gamified Assessment involves a lot of mini-games with n number of levels within the time allotted we should try to reach as much as level possible.

Interview: 10-Dec-2021

I received a mail on 5th November that I’ve cleared my Adobe assessment and I’m invited for a virtual interview after I went through resume shortlisting, So as a next step I uploaded my resume as per instructed. In between these I was also invited for a virtual meet to know more about adobe and guidance for preparation.

After around 1 month I received a mail (4 days prior to my interview day) that my Technical Interview is scheduled on 10th December.

Interview Questions:

As expected my Interview starts with “Tell me about yourself”, He started his questions with a puzzle (based on Geometry) then he asked am I comfortable with geometry if not he can go with other question and he moved to another puzzle,

Puzzle: You have to count your fingers staring with thumb in a specific order and it should go in loop, and I was asked to find out 1000th count lands at which finger.

I tried my best on the spot but I couldn’t come up with a solution and I admitted it then he explained the solution.

He then moves with Data Structures he asked me to write a program for Inorder Traversal I did it with recursion, he asked me to go with iterative approach I tried it on the spot, it took a bit long time so he moved with next question – Reverse a linked list and I did it quickly by explaining simultaneously.

Then he asked me to do Bit Swapping, I explained my approach and wrote the code. Then he asked about my projects.

Since time runs out he finished his question with “Do you want to ask me anything ?”. I asked him how was my performance and he gave good feedback and tips to improve puzzle solving and logical thinking, finally he winded up the session.

The whole interview lasted for an hour.

“Every Experience Prepares Us For The Next”


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