An Art Deco-Inspired Apartment in Mumbai Revels in Artisanal Refinement and Graphic Panache

Conceived and designed in large part remotely due to pandemic-related lockdowns in Mumbai and Bangalore, the apartment’s renovation encapsulates MOS’ unconventional aesthetic and eye for detail, as well as their ingenuity. Drawing from Mumbai’s Art Deco heritage – the style was very popular during the era that India was part of the British Empire – Thomas and the design team developed a decorative language informed by the geometric abstraction of De Stijl and Suprematist painters like Mondrian and El Lissitzky, filtered through a lens of contemporary minimalism. Add in the exquisite craftsmanship that underpins every element of the design and the result is a residence of artistic creativity and artisanal refinement.

Entering through a crisply designed foyer clad in light grey marble and black subway tiles, you step into a long passageway that ceremoniously leads you into the apartment’s communal and private areas. Tessellated tile wainscoting beneath a dark-stained wooden cornice animates the otherwise subdued space while the grooved wood-panelling in the ceiling enhances horizontality as does the inlay markings seen in the marble floor. Extending across the adjacent open-plan living and sitting area, the carpet-like marble flooring is a true showstopper; the custom-designed flooring features hand-cut pieces of light grey, dark grey and black stone, wood tiles and brass inlays, painstakingly laid into the marble to form abstract geometric compositions.

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