Apple Finally Confirms USB-C For iPhone – fpt.

In an expertly done interview with the Wall Street Journal, Craig Federighi and Greg ‘Joz’ Joswiak finally give us the goods! Let’s go over what they talked about in a nice lil’ quick package.

Joanna Stern interviews the big Apple boys on stage in this rare, informative talk on Apple and some shortcomings, and what’s next:

One of the major takeaways of this interview are that Apple is 100% planning to respect the new law passed by the EU conforming all sorts of devices to a standard USB-C charging connector. This means that a USB-C iPhone is finally, Apple-y confirmed. All we’ve had in the past has been rumors and talks and “leaks”, but this… this is what we needed.

All relevant devices need to compliant with the EU’s new law by 2024 in most cases, so Apple either needs the iPhone 15 line or iPhone 16 line to make the jump. Currently, Apple is testing iPhone 15 Pro models with USB-C connectors, so unless there’s any major hiccups in testing 2023 could be the year of USB-C for Apple.

Alongside the discussion of USB-C iPhone talk, we have Craig Federighi giving some insight into Apple’s general feelings on iMessage on Android:

If we just shipped an app that really didn’t get critical mass on other platforms, what it would have accomplished is it would have held us back in innovating in all the ways we want to innovate in Messages for our customers and wouldn’t have accomplished much at all in any other way, Federighi explained. iMessage on Android seemed like a “throwaway” that “was not going to serve the world,”

Craig Federighi

Other than the usual “Nope LOL” we get from Apple regarding the green vs blue bubble debate, this does make sense. If Apple were to ever attempt and Android version of iMessage it could really end up hampering the development of actual iMessage. They could only put so much dev time into what would be considered a side project.

One final lil’ tidbit from the WSJ interview is a lovely non-answer about iPadOS and the lack of a native calculator app. To put it bluntly, Joz said:

There are a ton of them. Go to the App Store. I use third-party apps,

Greg Joswiak

So there you have it, no one at Apple cares about a native calculator app for iPadOS. Oh well.

The interview is a great watch for anyone interested in some of the goings-ons inside Apple and it’s right on YouTube! Give it a watch if you’re bored or if you’re missing Craig’s hair… just look at it.

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