Baltic Blue Pothos Vs Cebu Blue Pothos: 7 Key Differences

Pothos of all types are near the top of the list for my favorite plants- I have 5 different types in my collection, with two being Baltic Blue and Cebu Blue pothos. Both these plants have a unique blush tinge of color, and it can be easy to get them confused.

Baltic Blue and Cebu Blue pothos share a few similar features, but they are two different plants. The most noticeable differences between the Baltic Blue pothos vs Cebu Blue pothos are the leaves.

  • The Baltic Blue has dark-green, broad leaves with deep fenestrations.
  • Cebu Blue leaves have a silver sheen and have a narrow shape and a thinner texture.

In this post, I’ll be breaking down the features that set these two plants apart in my opinion, so you’ll be able to recognize one or the other right away. I’ll also outline the things that are similar about the two- a nearly identical care routine.

Let’s get started!

Erinn Witz

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