Creating A Brand Kit: Why and How?

Ensure that your brand is consistent when you use elements of your design. A brand kit helps in that department since it allows you to see where and how you can utilize your logo and other aspects of your brand identity.

Come and let’s discuss how you can create an effective brand kit to help your branding here.

What is A Brand Kit?

In a nutshell, a brand kit collates samples where you can put your logo. A brand kit promotes brand consistency from your business card design to posters and even social media posts.

From your color palette to your icon design and typography, all of them make up your business’s personality, making your market connect with you better.

Don’t confuse your kit with your brand’s guidelines. The former focuses on the visual presentation of your brand guidelines.

From the standards of how you sound in audio to how you communicate in written form, that’s a guideline. How it looks to you, your employees, and the market, that’s your brand kit.

But why do you need it?

Why Do You Need A Brand Kit?

When people look at your brand, thoughts like, “Ah, they’re known for….” That’s the goal of any business, to be known for an aspect they can give to their market.

If you brand your business consistently, research says your revenue goes up 23%. Ensure that your customer service, products, and design go hand-in-hand to strengthen your business amongst the competition.

Whether a household name or a startup, grabbing your customers’ attention isn’t easy. It takes time and proper research, leading to a design that does everything.

Aside from brand consistency outside and internally, having a united front helps you work together towards a common goal. 

But how do you create a brand kit?

Creating A Brand Kit

Before we get into the building of your kit, you need to know what NEEDS to be in your brand kit. We can’t have you adding random elements and making your life harder.

And for you to better create a brand kit that suits your business, you’ll need to hire a designer or use templates to create the perfect brand consistency.

Take a look at the aspects of a brand kit that you’ll need to ensure in no particular order:

  • Color Palette: around 80% of consumers say they identify a business faster with a distinct color scheme. Create color combinations that express who you are as a business.

  • Logo Design: this consists of the symbol that represents your business as a whole. It can have various types like
    • Primary Logo: this is the design you use almost everywhere in your design.
    • Secondary Logo: This is your go-to design; if the primary logo doesn’t feel suitable for context, this is your go-to design.
    • Monogram: initials of your business.
    • Icon: express your customer’s actions in your website design or overall branding.

  • Typography: the font type you choose for your business contributes to your brand’s personality. You can select from serif or sans serif fonts depending on which aspect of your design the words would appear.

  • Images/Icons are the photographs or icons you use to show your business’ new products, services, and overall updates. Depending on the context, you’ll decide where these images go.

  • Mock-Ups: this is for your merchandise design. Depending on your needs, you can check if the format you created would look great on a t-shirt, mug, bag, packaging, and more.

But before you finalize these and start to marketing scheme, do these steps:

  1. Research Your Target Market
  2. Visualize Your Brand Story
  3. Execute Your Branding Through Your Brand Kit

1. Research Your Target Market

Our population worldwide is 7.837 billion as of 2021. And of that 7 billion population, around 4.7 people are social media users.

Why do you need to know that? Because all of them are from various ages, religions, and cultures. To make an impression on your target audience, you need to narrow down your target.

If you’re a skincare business, you’d want to target women ages 18 and above. And as for the color, the typical answer is blue, red, and green.

Get to know what your target audience loves and the design of your competitors, then work around that to create your unique design. Research ensures that your logo design and more don’t get subjected to plagiarism which protects you now and in the future.

2. Visualize Your Brand Story

Think about the emotional reaction your business will create in your market. You must ensure that all aspects, from your design to the words you use, incite emotion from your customers.

This method is a kind of advertising that connect you with your market through design. Let’s say you’re a food establishment. Most times, red is a color used here since it evokes the feeling of hunger.

Think about Jolibee’s marketing scheme, in the Philippines, around Christmas time. There were short videos created that depicted loved ones and families bonding over a bucket of chicken joy.

That’s a great example of inciting an emotional response from your market with the proper lighting and season. There’s also Subway with Korean dramas like Goblin featuring one of their sandwiches during one of the dating scenes.

Like them, finalize your brand story, and move forward to create your brand kit.

3. Execute Your Branding Through Your Brand Kit.

Lastly, we’ll finally create your brand kit. You can have a designer help you finalize your graphic design elements, create your custom design elements yourself, or use templates.

We have the former and the latter. Here at DesignCrowd, you could conduct a design contest or personally ask for a freelance designer to help you create your brand kit.

Back at BrandCrowd, we have thousands upon thousands of templates to aid you in your brand kit creation. Just type your business name in any of our makers and find the perfect templates.

You can tweak it in five aspects, from background to placement to the words you need. BrandCrowd has a logo maker, Instagram story designs, YouTube banners, Twitter headers, email signature designs, and more.

Create The Perfect Brand Kit Today!

We hope you found what you learned from our guide on creating a brand kit. Make sure you have the basics, research, and hire the right people for the job.

You can trust that through our designers or customize our various templates just for you. Breathe life into your brand through your brand kit today!

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Written by DesignCrowd on Friday, October 28, 2022

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