Delivery Slot Management Mobile App Builder for Shopify

Delivery Slot Management provides scheduled deliveries on Shopify store products.

You might be using the Mobikul Mobile App for Shopify to give your consumers an amazing and seamless mobile app experience.

Because of the app’s success, we worked on improving it and came up with a few useful additions. The Delivery slot management feature App is one of them.

If you want to deliver orders at the customer’s command? If yes then, this can be achieved using the Delivery Slot Management App

The application allows merchants to add delivery methods and set slots for clients for on-time and fixed-day deliveries. Allow clients to choose a time slot when they want the item delivered.


  • Flexibility to add delivery methods such as home delivery, on-time delivery, pick up on demand, etc.
  • Create date & time slots based on any of the two delivery options provided: On-time delivery & Fixed-day delivery.
  • Display delivery widget either on the product page or on the cart page.
  • Let customers request to reschedule order deliveries.
  • Multi-user delivery option to allow a delivery slot for more than one user at a time.

Activate the Feature

To enable this feature, you need to visit the Mobikul Mobile App backend & then, click on the Integration section > App Store > Delivery slot Management.

From here install the app as shown below.

Now, click on the Integration section > Configuration App to enable the feature.

Delivery Slot Management

After enabling the feature we get a pop-up message to Activate the feature as shown above.

Delivery Slot Management

As shown above, the delivery slot management feature is successfully activated.

Frontend view of the Shopify Delivery Slot Management

For a better understanding of the process of the module, let’s go through each option one by one.

Delivery Methods

The app allows you to add numerous Delivery Methods. These methods will be visible on your store’s product/cart page.

Customers can select one delivery method and proceed to choose a preferred date & time slot for order delivery.

Please Note:- The merchant needs to select at least one delivery slot while creating a delivery method.

Delivery Type

Single Day Delivery Method: Select this delivery type if you want to allow only one customer to book a slot at a time.

Multi Delivery Method: Select if you want to offer the same time or date slot to multiple customers. Thus, You can allow more than one customer to book a single slot at a time.

Let’s understand the frontend view of Delivery Slot Management customers First choose a delivery method from a single-user delivery or a multiple-user delivery.

After adding the delivery methods assign the Delivery Slot to the delivery method.

After that, customers add delivery slots for the products. customers can choose either a fixed date & time for the order delivery.

Need help?

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