Do The Monster Mash At Breakfast With General Mills and Kaws’ Cereal Collab | Dieline

Nostalgic dreams are coming true with General Mills’ latest collaboration with Brian Donnelly for a monster-inspired cereal line. Donnelly, aka Kaws, is an artist and designer known for his sculptures, paintings, and illustrations. 

The artist worked with the beloved cereal brand to create a line of monster cereals inspired by the nostalgic kids’ favorites. From Count Chocula to Boo-Berry, each product is a blend of marshmallows and cereal with flavors accurately corresponding to each character. And while we see Frute Brute and Frankenberry, what gives? No Yummy Mummy?

The packaging for each box features a Kaws illustration with his trademark crossed-out eyes. Further, the typography perfectly suits the flavors and personality of each monster. While the news was released on Kaws’ Instagram page, there’s no official release date, but as rumor has it, these boxes will be hitting grocery shelves within a few weeks.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Chloe Gordon

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