Gifts for Kids – Minimalist Giving

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me about this minimalist giving trend, also known as the four gift rule, for kids and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It streamlines buying for kids into four categories: something they WANT, something they NEED, something to WEAR, and something to READ. For the holiday season we get our son 1-2 things from each category, depending on price.

It is so easy to get carried away with new toys and things that aren’t really needed during the holidays. This method of giving allows our family to take the focus off of gifts under the tree and look more toward giving back to others during the holiday season and spending quality time together.

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Gifts for Kids: The Four Gift Rule

While most kids (and grandparents) will grumble at this approach, I encourage you to try it this year! Here are a few gifts for kids. All of these gifts have options for both boys and girls.


  • Karaoke Microphone $20 – Perfect for dance parties! Recommended for age 3 and up. This one is available in a bunch of fun colors and is highly rated. It can be connected via bluetooth to any smart phone for music streaming. One review mentioned their kids play karaoke videos on YouTube & love singing along with this mic! Another review mentioned that this is a great alternative to the large karaoke toys.
  • Magnetic Building Tiles under $40– Another option perfect for even young toddlers & older kids. These tiles are great for learning, bonding, and creativity. We bought our son a set of these after he became obsessed with a set at our vacation rental this past Summer!
  • Kids Tablet – Everything kids want in a table plus this one comes with a protective case and parental controls to limit screen time, set educational goals and curfews, and manage content. The one I’m linking is suggested for ages 3-7. As of writing this post, the tablet was on deal for 50% off… so keep an eye out for a deal on this!
  • Fort Building Kit $40– This kit is awesome for building tents and forts of all sizes! Way easy than dragging all of your dining chairs into the living room! Use with blankets at home or buy their lightweight covers separately.


  • Bike – This is the perfect time to get them something they’ll be needed next summer (think bikes, helmets, swim gear) Kids seem to outgrow these items so fast and the holidays are a great time to secure these items on sale!
  • Pillow – Whether your kiddo is transitioning beds or has outgrown their current bedding. The holidays are a great time to refresh pillow, comforters, and sheets for the kids’ rooms.
  • Water Bottle – We are always in need of new water bottles around our house. This is a good gift for literally any age!
  • Suitcase – We bought our son a suitcase last Christmas and it came in handy for our vacations this year!


  • Crocs or Shoes – We’ve tried several styles of Summer sandals but we always come back to crocs! These are super durable and comfortable. Now is a great time to also buy new shoes for school if theirs have gotten beat up during the first part of the school year!
  • Snow Suit or Jacket – Living in Ohio, we usually don’t get a ton of snow until after Christmas so I found this a good time to get a new snow suit or outerwear for the kids.
  • Pajamas – A timeless Christmas present for anyone really!
  • Socks – Another classic gift that will most definitely be used! Linked my favorite pack of socks from Amazon.


There are endless options for this category of gifts for kids. This year I’m leaning towards Cat in the Hat set, Kids Bible, Search & Find, & a book all about emotions.


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