Holiday House Showcase: October and November Releases

I always write posts far in advance (Type A personality plus a super fun anxiety disorder that DEMANDS working ahead to be prepared for any possible disaster that could strike and interrupt my life), so I’m writing this a few weeks before it will post. It’s my first sick day of the school year—masks will protect me from others’ germs, but can’t protect me from the yucky stuff my own body can cook up! Outside of sleeping with my little chiweenie nurses curled up with me, I’ve been making my way through my accumulated book mail. I have books on shelves here, books on carts, books in my closet, books on my end table… and I think I need to somehow find more space for books. Because they just keep coming! Before long, it will be that time of the year in Minnesota that I assume our UPS driver hates me because he daily has to trudge up our steep driveway in the cold/snow/ice.

So anyway.

Pull out your TBR lists or get ready to add to the orders for books that stock your library or classroom shelves. Today I’m sharing with you new and forthcoming titles from Holiday House and Pixel+Ink. All annotations are from the publisher.