I was a skinny high school dropout – now I’m UNRECOGNISABLE after becoming a jet-setting mogul worth £2.5MILLION

A SKINNY high school dropout turned his life around as he became a muscle-bound millionaire who hangs out with the likes of Jake Paul.

Chase Chappell revealed has transformation as he admitted he wasn’t born into money and always enviously looked at his richer peers at school.


Chase Chappell pictured with social media star Jake PaulCredit: JamPress/Chase Chappell
Chase is now worth more than £2.5million


Chase is now worth more than £2.5millionCredit: JamPress/Chase Chappell

The now 23-year-old originally thought he had to work hard at school to go to college was his most surest route to wealth.

But he quickly learned that wasn’t the case – and was soon running a side hustle that was making him nearly £8,000-a-month.

Chase dropped out with no diploma – and decided to pursue his fortune.

He managed to make his millions by capitalising on the social media boom, becoming so much more than an “influencer”.

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Chase spent his time in school  hustling and trying to earn money in any and every way possible from his home in Fort Worth, Texas.

But he really started to make money when he moved into social media advertising – and now advising more than £165million worth of spending across TikTok.

The business has seen him work with brands like 7-Eleven, Power Crunch and artists like Mike Ryan and Warren G.

It wasn’t always easy – with Chas admitting his first project totally failed after a falling out with his partner.

 “I was back at zero. But thankfully some of my old clients decided to stay with me when I opened up another marketing agency,” Chas told The Sun Online.

“A lot of people would have jacked it in at that point but I just saw it as a learning curve and progressed from there

“Since then I’ve transformed my mindset, body and life to what I always wanted.”

Despite showing little interest in class, Chase’s teachers saw his entrepreneurial acumen and made him president of the school’s business management entrepreneurship academy (BME) in part hoping it would inspire him to take more interest in education.

It didn’t have the desired effect and in 2015 Chase dropped out in his high school sophomore year with no diploma and moved to Dallas, Texas to make his fortune.

“I’ve always wanted to live life on my own terms – not someone else’s,” Chase told The Sun Online.

“I’ve always been ambitious, at kindergarten graduation when everyone wanted to be a fireman, police officer, or doctor, I said world traveller.

But once I knew everything I needed I dropped out without any diploma.

Chase Chappell

“I wasn’t against school but by 15 I was earning up to $10,000-a-month which was way more money than I could spend at that point.

“When you’ve got all that money and you’re a kid, it kind of blows your mind and you start to realise what is possible when you stick at something and have the right mindset.

“I didn’t always have that.”

His peers and teachers thought he was crazy and many felt justified when he continually ploughed all his hard-earned cash into ads on social media platforms.

At the time, the term “influencer” had just been coined and the Kardashians were the closest thing which represented someone using social media to exponentially grow their brand, reach and revenue.

Chase saw this exploding market and quickly branched out into Facebook adverts for a luxury pool company.

Its sales exploded and he was quickly “booked up” for more than a year with an ever-expanding list of clients desperate for his expertise.

He dropped out of high school with no qualifications


He dropped out of high school with no qualificationsCredit: JamPress/Chase Chappell

“I was the poster boy for the business school. They had me speak at the cut the opening ribbon event and everything for the school,” he said.

“But once I knew everything I needed I dropped out without any diploma.

“They couldn’t understand and reached out to offer me one years later. I declined it. I didn’t feel like I ever needed it and it felt weird that they were offering it after all this time.”

Leaving school allowed Chase to concentrate solely on his businesses as well as grow as a person without any distractions.

He quickly expanded his marketing business Chappell Digital Marketing before creating Chappell Training Technologies – where he now shares his expertise with others – and launched a software for TikTok and Facebook Ad Tracking – Sirge.io.

Chase said that “without a doubt” it is possible to get rich off social media but there are “common misconceptions” about where the real money is being made.

“The people who are making the big dollars are the ones who come from a business-savvy background and have a functioning business”, he said.

“People getting viral videos for the sake of viral videos aren’t getting very much off ad revenue. Comedy videos that are not getting brand views could get only $100 at best.

“But somebody who gets 10m views could make $100,000 off it if they get enough sales for their product or clients from the video.

“I worked with an author who went from $20,000 to $100,000-a-month through viral TikTok videos

“That is the smart route – have a business that is successfully functioning before you launch as an influencer.

“You are going to get the platform before the money. I know influencers who are making $5,000-a-month and they are getting raked over the coals for that money.

“And you could have someone with an established business who is promoting their company through TikTok ads and making 50 times that with less work.”

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Despite this, he still believes there are “more opportunities for influencers because there is a shortage of content for advertisers”.

“There is a shift towards more micro creators at the moment, and developing with them early on and developing a relationship with them and as they are blowing up you are riding the wave alongside them.”

He now flies on private jets thanks to his marketing business


He now flies on private jets thanks to his marketing businessCredit: JamPress/Chase Chappell
Chase hanging out with social media start Dan Bilzerian


Chase hanging out with social media start Dan BilzerianCredit: JamPress/Chase Chappell
Chase now gets to drive luxurious cars


Chase now gets to drive luxurious cars

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