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With These Words…
I Thee Wed
Contemporary Wedding Vows for Today’s Couples

This is one of those books that helps you customize your vows. I have actually had a couple of reference questions over the years about writing vows. Most of the time, I didn’t think of a book that would actually give you vows. Most of the folks I waited on were looking for specific poetry.  I suppose this has an audience but I doubt this kind of book would be one that comes to mind.

I am not ready to call this one an obvious weeder, but I would probably be looking for a more modern version. No mention of vows for gay people but they did have a set for older couples. This is one of those examples that isn’t wrong per se, but it does leave out the gay/lesbian crowd. My feeling is that if you are a non traditional couple, you will probably be more likely to have non traditional vows and this would probably be a disappointment.


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