My Skims Bodysuit Cat Halloween Costume

A Black Cat Costume For Halloween Happy Halloween everyone! You guys know that I love doing my annual Halloween costume (some of my previous ones include Tinkerbell, Captain America, Wonder Woman, a Cowgirl, Little Red Riding Hood, a Devil/Angel and many more) and this year I have done it a little different! I am in the United States again for a very short time and I’m celebrating Halloween here! There was a really cool party that Christen and I went to over the weekend, so I got to wear my costume out all night, and so did he! As you can see, I am a black cat! I put this outfit together using my Skims Black Bodysuit in size small (click here to buy it) and my Duo Empress Boots that are thigh high. I finished it off with my cat ears and cat makeup. I love how this costume turned out, it’s probably my favourite rendition of a cat costume that I’ve ever put together. It felt a little odd being out in just a tight bodysuit, but it was fun! Christen on the other hand, he went all out with his Spider-Man costume! Can you see how epic his is? Ha ha. He actually looks like Spider-Man! American’s do Halloween so differently to us in the UK, so it has been such a fun experience! The costumes that people put together were so creative! Instead of just being scary like I’m used to, I saw two girls dressed as the Step Brothers movie, I saw Einstein, and so many more creative outfits! I have to say that the…


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