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Thrilled to be working with dear friends, Liza Politi and phenomenal photographer Ari Espay, in the city of lights – a place I know well. Have always loved the color and splash of Las Vegas. A natural magnet for the camera. But what I have always truly loved and admired most are the performers. A gathering of artistically daring talents, supremely unique in their beauty and skill set. Dancers, former Olympians, swimmers, acrobats…rare to witness a community of such skill concentrated in one place. I love working In Vegas whenever possible, and still shoot many jobs there.

Next year, from April 23-29th, we will be privileged to work with an astonishing array of these gifted folks, in some surprising locations around the famed Las Vegas Strip in a truly unique photo workshop experience. And, speaking of the Strip, we’ll be staying at the Bellagio, one of the most ornately beautiful casino hotels in the world.

During this new weeklong workshop, we’ll take a look at the lights and the glitz of course, and the nighttime buzz of Vegas. (Bring a tripod!) But for three days of the week, we’ll be on location with charismatically beautiful talent learning lighting (all lighting supplied), using light shaping to achieve edge and drama. Interiors and exteriors. Funky locations, and even a cowboy town.

It’s a truly unique workshop, designed to take your camera skills, and your lighting knowledge to a whole new level. Next spring, hitting the road and heading to Vegas!

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