Polygon Announces Its Plans For The Rest Of 2022; Hooks Up With Mercedes Benz

Layer 2 scaling platform Polygon talks about its experience in the first half of 2022, during which various milestones were achieved, in a recap published on its official blog post.

In terms of network expansion, the team claims that as of its April study, there were over 19,000 applications active on the platform (up from about 7,000 in January). Additionally, it states that there are often around 90 million monthly transactions and 153,000 total contract creators.

It said that it has pledged $1 million, including $100,000 for the most recent round, to finance public goods on GitCoin since late December. It was also said that the team spent a total of $2 million on hackathon rewards and Gitcoin pledges.

In the first half of 2022, Polygon ID, a self-sovereign identification solution based on zero-knowledge cryptography was released. It has enormous possibilities for DAO governance.

One of the most recent is Polygon zkEVM, an open-source zk-Rollup that offers full EVM equivalent for the Ethereum user experience.

In addition, the team announces remarkable relationships with a significant number of important Web2 and Web3 projects, including Meta, Flipkart, the NFL, eBay, and more.

Polygon’s plans for the rest of 2022

The Layer 2 scaling platform claims it has enormous plans for the remainder of 2022 that will surely be focused on three important areas: products, events, and accelerators. Its goal is to get one million developers into the MATIC ecosystem.

According to Polygon, there are a lot of gatherings and activities that help onboard and assist users. It stated that it will be introducing accelerators to amplify the most interesting companies in its ecosystem.

Major agreements are anticipated to bring together some of the top brains in the industry in the coming months as it works to empower developers.

In other news, Mercedes Benz strikes a collaboration with Polygon. A blockchain-based data sharing network will be built by Daimler South East Asia, a division of the Mercedes-Benz Group, using the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution Polygon.

Polygon Announces Its Plans for the Rest of 2022; Hooks up With Mercedes Benz 3

The decision to use the MATIC network furthers Polygon’s global growth in a variety of industries. Data exchanges will take place on the MATIC and Ethereum Rinkeby testnets, according to sources from Daimler South East Asia. Additionally, companies will be required to utilize stablecoins to make payments in order to safeguard the monetary worth of data.

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