PUBG Lite Payment Center & Free BC Redeem Codes PUBG Mobile Update

An increasing number of PUBG Mobile Lite Players are looking for a Cheap PUBG Lite Payment Center. But what if I give you the best PUBG Mobile Lite Payment Center info with BC Redeem Codes?

You can either buy the Battlecoin in PUBG Mobile Lite using the in-game BC Shop. But this will cost you more money.

Actually, the price range for BC in the game shop is the same as on other outside shops online. But when you bulk purchase online from other shops you get extra BC and some premium crates for free.

In addition, you get an option to redeem some premium gifts and Free Battlecoins in PUBG Mobile Lite using the PUBG Lite payment center online.

What is the Trusted Payment Center for PUBG Lite?

There is one and only PUBG Lite Payment center online working for the last 3 years that is MidasBuy. This Payment center may be banned in some regions as the PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite is banned for eg. in INDIA.

Tip: Players from countries like INDIA can use the international Payment gateway and purchase the PUBG Lite Battlecoins from Midasbuy with foreign currency.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Free BC Codes:

Here are some Free Battlecoins Redeem codes for PUBG Mobile Lite that you can redeem from the online Payment center by using your Game ID.


Copy any code and use it on the Payment center Redeem page, this will give you free BC in your PUBG Mobile Lite Account.

Note: We do not guarantee these codes will work and you get free bc in your PUBG Mobile Lite Account.

How to use the PUBG Lite Payment Center?

The one and only PUBG Lite Payment Center are Midasbuy to buy the Battlecoins and get extra BC free in your account follow the steps below.

Step 1: First visit the Midasbuy Website and Login Visit Here

Step 2: Check the Region for easy currency purchase.

Step 3: Now Enter your PUBG Mobile Lite ID and choose the Payment method. (Choose Go-Pay or Razer Gold for international currency exchange)

Step 3: Then choose the BC Pack you want to buy and click on the Pay Now button.

Now you will be redirected to the payment gateway to pay the amount “Do to close or Refresh the page” just wait till the transaction is complete.

PUBG Mobile Lite Battlecoin Transaction is Successful

Warning: Make sure you log in so that your Transaction activity will get recorded this will help you to get customer care support if the transaction failed.

We do not promote any kind of third-party payment center for PUBG Lite Battlecoins, this article is written for educational purposes only.

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