Someone Crashed Cristiano Ronaldo’s $2 Million Bugatti Veyron

And it happened during his vacation.

A few years ago, after winning the 2016 Champion’s League, Cristiano Ronaldo went out to celebrate by purchasing a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. This hypercar is worth over $2 million which is a solid amount for a Champion’s League win celebration. However, we have some bad news regarding this car.

Currently, Ronaldo is out on holiday (vacation) in Majorca, an island in Spain. While out enjoying the beautiful island, he’s also been cruising around in his Bugatti but it appears someone else has as well. It’s now being reported that Cristiano Ronaldo’s Bugatti has crashed with an unknown driver behind the wheel. Thankfully, there are no injuries to be reported. Most outlets are reporting that the driver of the car is one of Ronaldo’s employees which would make sense as not just anybody would be able to get their hands on the keys to this hypercar. However, who the driver was is still unconfirmed.

From the images in the Instagram post down below, you can see that there is extensive damage done to the Bugatti which will make for a hefty repair cost. The silver lining is that Cristiano Ronaldo’s car collection is quite large so he has plenty of other vehicles to drive while repairs are being done.

Featured Image Source: Instagram/@cristiano

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