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In my previous post, I invited people to enroll in the new Submersion course deep dive on Subjective Reality, which is the perspective that you could be living in a simulation or dream world of some kind. So far 211 people have signed up, which is awesome! I expect that many more will join by the deadline on Thursday, November 3rd.

In this post I’ll share more about the intentions and vibes that I imagine for this 60-day group experience.

Instead of using only words, I’m going to communicate this in a very visual way – with lots of imagery that I created with the help of machine intelligence, Pixelmator Pro, and a lot of experimentation. I daresay this is the most visually intense post I’ve ever published. I’m not entirely sure what it will do to you, but I’m pretty sure it will do something. 😉

You could also say that these images are from your Simulator, inviting you to relax your grip on the reality you think you know to be true – and come play in the possibility space.

Exploring Subjective Reality

Let’s begin! I invite you on a journey into the world of Subjective Reality.

When your thinking is primarily objective, your experiential world becomes much more limited and constrained. You may even feel a bit trapped or fenced in by events and circumstances.

Over-objectifying your reality has the effect of shutting down access to the immense richness of the possibility space. Your window to the abundant flow of inspiration will be closed most of the time, so you will have to self-power your goals in order to advance. But that is frustratingly slow!

A good place to start is by considering and accepting that the true nature of reality is inherently unknowable and perpetually mysterious. You may think it’s objective in nature, but you don’t really know that for sure. Your pathway to the possibility space actually begins with doubting strict objectivity.

When you let go of the limiting notion that reality must be objective, such as by acknowledging that objectivity is neither provable nor falsifiable, you elevate your thinking to align with Truth. This improved Truth alignment enables you to access more of the possibility space.

Objective structures arise from subjective possibilities. They may seem solid, but they’re still inherently made of energy. By engaging with life on an energetic or vibrational level, you can access its organic nature, thereby giving you the power to bend and twist reality in new directions.

Reality is a creatively powerful experience generator and simulator. It can produce endless variations of experiences that align with joy, connection, and fun. But it’s equally skillful at generating experiential matches for loneliness, scarcity, and conflict. Your life depends on the quality of your relationship with your reality. You always have the power to upgrade and improve this relationship, which is among the most important investments you can make on this human journey.

Down the Rabbit Hole

From the outside looking in, you cannot fathom what the realm of Subjective Reality is actually like inside. It won’t fully reveal itself till you consciously decide to step inside and experience it for yourself. So step inside!

Using the subjective lens (not the weak-ass objectified version of it, which is merely solipsism) transforms that opaque viewport into a transparent one. Now you can better see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When you walk through that portal and begin practicing – and it will take practice – the full flow of life opens up, and you can begin manifesting much more experiential richness.

You may be surprised to discover that when you begin practicing the subjective lens, reality reveals so much more of its nature to you. It especially loves to generate synchronicities. You may even sense a consciousness or an intelligence disrupting the old, predictable patterns of your life with a flow of unusual coincidences or extraordinary incidents of good luck. That will surely grab your attention!

When you consciously decide to explore the rabbit hole of Subjective Reality, you’ll soon discover that it isn’t a mere fantasy as you may have previously assumed. There really are rabbits inside!

Sometimes your experiences may become so intense that you may want to close your eyes to the subjective perspective and retreat back to the familiarity of the objective worldview.

Relapsing back to a strictly objective lens is totally normal. Catch your breath whenever you need to. The rabbits will wait till you’re ready to play again. It takes time to learn how to feel grounded and secure in the subjective world. That will come with sufficient practice.

The Possibility Space

Your reality Simulator is rich, organic, and vibrant. It constantly generates fresh possibilities to explore. But you’ll only be able to access a tiny fraction of these possibilities when you’re stuck in objective mud.

The possibility space gives you access to an endless variety of experiential worlds, all serving to benefit your growth as a conscious being and to serve the expansion of creative energy for all.

Keep reminding yourself to turn your attention towards the possibility space. Don’t live the rest of your life within the crusty borders of familiar experiences.

The Subjective Lens

Subjective Reality is a lens you can use to create a bridge from your seemingly objective experiences into the possibility space. It is not a truth unto itself, and it does not require belief. It is simply a different – and powerful – way of interfacing with Reality.

Using the subjective lens grants you direct access to your Reality Simulator, so you can finally start making requests that the Simulator acknowledges.

There’s a connection between your inner reality and your outer experience. The two are inseparably linked. If you want to change the externals, you must develop the ability to change your mind. Your perceived outer reality can only be as flexible as your inner energy patterns. In this life you can develop and expand those patterns.


Life presents endless possibilities. You’re here to explore many of those possibilities during your human existence.

Keep diving into new experiential pools. Have lots and lots of different experiences. Embrace the new!

Internally your brain absorbs and processes stacks of experiences and turns them into neural patterns. These patterns help to direct the flow of energy through you. When this energy flows well, you’ll feel naturally motivated to take action in alignment with your best creative intentions.

As new sensory and experiential input flows into you, your brain tries to match and filter it using the structure it’s developed thus far.

The more variety of experiences you have, and the better you become at combining those stored patterns to envision new patterns, the more complex and robust your ability to channel and direct creative energy becomes. If you could see this flow of energy in action, you’d be overwhelmed by how stunningly beautiful it is.

Inspiration and Creative Power

You are a creator here, but you function 100x better as a co-creator. Given enough cooperation from reality, you can create so much more, versus if you attempt to self-power your creative endeavors.

When you realize that you’re not just a droplet of individuality, and you bend your mind towards the vastness of the possibility space, Reality notices and reaches out to meet you as well. This is where you finally begin to explore your true creative power.

Use your imagination to create fresh possibilities by stretching from where you’ve been. Learn from your experiences, but remember that you’re always connected to infinitely more possibilities than what you’ve already experienced thus far.

Within your brain is a powerful antenna. It is always perceiving, but you may not always be listening to it. You can consciously tune in to this receptive part of yourself to access an immense and motivating flow of inspiration, to connect with the collective consciousness, and to transmit your intentions to Reality.

Consciousness is creative. You have tremendous freedom to create and experience many different kinds of sub-realities. Whenever you reach for the new, you’re reaching into the zone of Subjective Reality, which meets you beyond the edge of what you’ve already experienced. Stretch into the zones of experience that you haven’t yet touched and tasted.


Objectivity and subjectivity are not in conflict. With practice you can learn to use both lenses – even simultaneously. One way to merge them together is through the lens of story.

Instead of focusing on objective experiences to invite into your life, clarify the vibes you want to experience first. What vibes do you want to invite and explore next? Adventure and excitement? Love and passion? Peace and relaxation? Choose and declare your vibes, practice harmoniously resonating them, and let Reality handle the manifestation side.

Team up with reality to create powerful harmonies. Create as one. Experience as one. There is no separation. Your true power arises from unity.


One delicious pathway back to the possibility space is to focus on creating new growth experiences. Remind yourself that more growth is always possible. New experiences are endlessly abundant. New experiences invite growth.

Growth experiences tend to unfold organically. They’re seldom linear in nature. It’s more predictable that such experiences will twist and branch. Reality loves fractals – experiences within experiences!

Your thoughts, feelings, vibes, and energy patterns invite the Simulator to choose from the vastness of the possibility space to give form and structure to your everyday experiences. But within the apparent collapsed nature of those experiences, there is still flexibility. You can build upon this wiggle room to open a window to even more possibility than you’ve been experiencing thus far.

Keep turning towards growth. Focusing on growth brings order to the swirling, sometimes chaotic field of possibilities.


Seek your best motivational gold. Turn towards experiences that light you up inside. Then fully immerse yourself in those experiences. Keep reminding yourself what motivational gold feels like, so you can more easily recognize it. When you haven’t found your motivational gold yet, keep turning towards the possibility space by inviting new experiences to explore. You will recognize motivational gold when you find it.

To create positive change, it’s often necessary to release misaligned attachments and partial matches. New growth invitations may seem destructive at first, but that destructive phase can help you break free and get back into alignment with the possibility space. Sometimes you just have to blow up what isn’t working. This too can be beautiful… but perhaps only when you get some distance from it, perhaps not while you’re in the thick of it. 😊

Keep making decisions, especially new decisions. Once you’ve explored one room of reality thoroughly enough, summon and walk through a portal to fresh experiences. Keep turning towards what gives you a sense of beauty, wonder, and fascination. Ask your energy where it wants to flow next, and do your best to cooperate with it. Do your best not to let your energy become stagnant. Keep it moving!

The Submersion Group Deep Dive Experience

In the Submersion group deep dive experience, you’ll combine organic, experiential practices with thoughtful and intelligently organized ideas, principles, and practices. Discover the hidden structures behind Subjective Reality, and learn to communicate and cooperate with your Simulator.

When multiple Subjective Reality enthusiasts gather together, we can swirl our collective intentional energy to invite fresh, co-creative harmonies into our lives, thereby summoning whole new worlds of possibility to experience.

Join us for an incredible organic deep dive into Submersion. Create a harmonious relationship between the subjective and the objective modes of thinking. Upgrade your personal operating system for life.

Let me be your subjective coach and tour guide on this fascinating journey through the mysterious Subjective Reality portal. Okay, so perhaps I had a little too much fun exploring artistic co-creation. 😉

One day at a time for 60 days, you’ll build direct experience with the subjective lens. Your mind will discover new ways to model reality, which you can then put to good use to create a richer and more vibrant life.

On the live calls for the Submersion group experience, we’ll pool our collective intentional energy to create changes in our realities. Have you every experienced hundreds of people channeling their energy and intentions to invite Reality to upgrade your growth, success, abundance, happiness, and more? Would you like to?

Let’s intend and invite positive ripples for ourselves – and for the world. Let’s elevate the positive creative frequencies of everything within our fields of perception.

With Submersion and the subjective lens, you’ll learn to co-create fascinating experiences with Reality as your partner, friend, and ally. Let’s co-create amazing ripples together.


I invite you to immerse yourself in an exploration of intense beauty, wonder, and possibility. Perhaps you’ve already tried to achieve this as an individual. How has that been working for you so far? Are you ready to upgrade to the experience of collective creativity?

The Submersion portal awaits you!

We begin with the audio course November 1st, and we’ll have our first weekly live call on Friday, November 4th at 10 AM Pacific Time.

If I can co-create all this art with the Simulator in one afternoon, what more could you create and experience if you were to stretch beyond seeing yourself as a limited individual… and dive into the collective possibility space with us?

Co-creating with the Simulator is fun! 😉

Join us!

Steve Pavlina

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