Ted Nelson – Build a local collective

Ted Nelson is well known in the Mid-Atlantic street photography community for his founding and leadership of the Fredricksburgh Street Photography Collective.  He created the group from scratch with a simple Instagram post reach out to other like-minded photographers in his area.  In a few short years the group has grown from a handful of people chatting in a coffee shop to dozens of local members who meet regularly at a local art cafe.  The group also hosts  a very popular annual shootout event in the fall. 

And yes, he has a family and day job that requires him to travel worldwide. 

I had the pleasure of spending a day shooting the streets with Ted and other members of the collective in my town of Charlottesville Virginia last year and again last fall after judging their annual shootout.  Not only was it fun seeing my little town throught the eyes of others, but I enjoyed watching how Ted and some of the other work the streets.

Ted may come across on the podast as humble, but on the streets he’s fearless.  He’s one of those people who never met a stranger.  He’ll approach anyone with a friendly, relaxed, confident approach that immediately disarms everyone he meets.  It was a true epiphany for me.

A selection of Ted’s street photos

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