The 7 Steps to Dressing your Little Ones in Style

We all live busy lives. Whether you’re working, running a house, caring for a family member, or simply attending to your many responsibilities, there are barely enough hours in the day. So, when it comes to dressing your child super-stylishly, you might assume that it’s just one of those things that go to the bottom of the priority pile.

Well, no more!

We’re about to unearth 7 steps that will show you how to dress your little ones in the most stylish manner possible, whether you have an hour to get ready in the mornings, or just 10 minutes. 

Step 1 – Stay Up to Date With Trends
You don’t have to follow every single trend that comes, and goes but knowing what’s hot, and what’s not is a must. Choose the trend that suit your child – not every single one will!

Step 2 – Always Allow Their Character to Shine Through
Children have their own personalities and their own unique characters. When dressing your child, let some of this shine through! If they’re loud, choose brighter colors; if they adore animals, add a few into the mix; if they’re musical, choose items that show this. 

Step 3 – Choose Just One Stand-out Piece
True style is about choosing one fashionable item and building the look around that. Don’t overload your child’s outfit with more than one eye-catching piece. If their sweater is bright, embellished, and seriously stylish, choose something a little muted for the bottom half, such as jeans or leggings. Don’t overdo it!

Step 4 – Always Make Sure They’re Comfortable
Your child has to be comfortable in what they’re wearing otherwise they’ll pull at it, take off the sweater, and basically ruin the entire look! Of course, when your child isn’t comfortable it will show everyone – comfort is key. 

Step 5 – Accessories Are a Must Do!
Provided you don’t choose accessories that are a hazard to little fingers, the odd little adornment could really take your child’s outfit from ‘ok’ to ‘wow’. A funky headband, a bracelet, an embellished pair of socks, or a stylish scarf, are all items you could think about. 

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