The best mouse for MacBook Pro and Air in 2022

The best mouse for MacBook Pro or MacBook Air can help boost your workflow. While Apple’s laptops have divine trackpads, a mouse can be more comfortable to use in many situations, especially for long periods of use. That is if it’s ergonomically designed, of course. A mouse can often provide more precision for certain tasks, such as making fine adjustments in design work or for gaming. And of course, another benefit that the best mouse for MacBooks can offer is the addition of programmable buttons that you can set to perform your most frequently used shortcuts, speeding up your flow.

In the roundup below, we’ve made nine picks in our selection of the best mouse for MacBook. We’ve chosen these options based on our own reviews and the opinions of our network of contacts – working creatives who use MacBooks day in, day out. We’ve evaluated each of our picks as the best mouse for MacBook for ergonomics, performance, features and also value for money – although several options as the best mouse for MacBook are expensive, we’ve included some more budget options too (learn more about how we test and review).

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