THE DARK KING (Deviant Kings #1) by GINA L. MAXWELL

“Something inside me shifted, changing me irrevocably and tying my soul to you in a way I couldn’t possibly understand in that moment.”

Yaaaasss King!!! OMG! We bloody loved this book! Fae romance is our jam – our kryptonite! There’s nothing like a devious, tricky, broody, hot-as-hell Dark Fae to get our hearts racing, and that’s exactly what happened with The Dark King aka Caiden Verran. Wow! This felt like one of those fabulous ‘old school’ reads we seek out.

If you love fantasy romance, and in particular the Fae romance, you must read this book! We’ve felt a bit starved for a good Faerie romance, so you can imagine our excitement heading into this book. We will admit, we were inwardly chanting ‘please don’t let us down, don’t let us down.’ We can happily report this book didn’t, and in fact, delivered everything we could have asked for. Suspense, intrigue, conflict, angst, and some very sexy, passionate kink thrown into the mix. It was fabulous!

”That is not the proper way to address your king, Beauty. Try again.”
”Yes, Your…”
She pauses, and just when I’m about to berate her, she whispers, ” Yes, my king.”

Ten years have passed since we’ve read a Gina Maxwell book, and what a reunion it proved to be. We were reminded how well this author writes a sinfully sexy romance, and our love affair with has been reignited in the meeting between Caiden Verran, The King of the Dark Fae of the Night Court of Faerie, and the feisty Brynn Meara. What a battle of wits it was.

“I’d rather be sorry for taking a thousand risks than be safe for never taking any.”

Caiden Verran and his brothers Tiernann and Finnian are the kings of Vegas. After being banished from their Fairie realm, Tir na nOg, they’ve set themselves up with the profitable and popular Nightfall hotel and Casino, together with Midnight Manor, the estate of the Night Court royal family.

Caiden is all about serving his subjects and has no time for love. Not to mention, thanks to a curse, falling in love or finding his soul mate could have dire consequences for the King. It’s a duty he’s been more than happy to fulfill until the night the stunning and tenacious Brynn Meara crosses his path.

“Tonight, more than ever you embody the name Beauty, for you, is unparalleled in this realm and the next.”

Brynn is in Vegas taking a much-needed break and luck is on her side when she’s upgraded to a swanky suite at the Nightfall Hotel following a booking mix-up. Wait a minute! Is it fate, or is there something devilishly deceptive at play?

“You’re a fuckin’ faerie.”
Surprise lances through me, but I’m careful to keep my bored expression firmly in place. “That’s a shame, Ralph. Had I known you were such a bigot, I never would’ve hired you to begin with.
“What? No, that’s not…I mean a real goddam faerie, with the wings and magic powers and shit.”

You’ll have to check it out and see! What we will tell you is you can expect some very hot sex, a possessive yet beautifully romantic hero, a battle of hearts and wits, together with fabulous world-building and wonderfully entertaining characters. Gina L Maxwell NAILED this theme! We were so completely immersed in this story! We absolutely loved it, and, to think, we have two more brothers to fall in love with when Tiernann and Finnian get their books in the not-too-distant future. YAY for us!


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