The history of chocolate.

C     h     o     c     o     l     a     t     e     .

The first people to ever make the first kind of chocolate were Olmecs, approximately 1000 B.C. But, it wasn’t modern chocolate. It was actually quite bitter and was drank as a beverage. 

These “chocolate” were made by fermenting, roasting, and then deshelling cocoa beans, which would create… something. And then they would ground and melt them into their own “chocolate”.  Some people would also mix stuff like honey and chili powder to make it more `good`.

These drinks started to get popular and became a big part of food at weddings and other ceremonies, just like cake at a birthday party. 

Actually, these beans were once even used as currency! One bean could buy you, I don’t know, probably a violin or something.

Even later, the Aztecs began to notice the chocolate beverage and decided that they wanted it. So, they just went forward and demanded stuff from cacao bean growing places. So, the higher Aztecs began drinking the beverage.

The Spanish came to America and they invaded the cocoa bean production place, otherwise known as Mayan, and later succeeded the Aztecs as well. So guess what? That’s Spain now! The Mayans showed the Spanish that cocoa beans were currency, and the Spanish actually accepted it, but however, they refused to drink it.

Seeing the chocolate was absolutely disgusting to them and they never tried it. But one day, a guy named Girolamo Benzoni was in the American lands and was one of the people who hated chocolate. But one day, he ran out of wine so he decided to get some chocolate instead, and to his surprise, he loved it! Other people decided to try it as well.

Some other groups of people began eyeing the chocolate as well. They were Jesuits. They saw the chocolate in “Spain” and it came to their mind, “Oh my god, TRADE ITEM”. And guess what? They traded chocolate all over original Spain and were gifted to princes and popes. Oh, the Jesuits were also making a lot of money from the chocolate.

But however, the native American population was downgrading high so slaves were imported to countries to take place in making chocolate.

                                                                                       Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay 

Now chocolate was starting to get really solid. A person by the name of Van Houten removed most of the fats from cocoa beans and created “cocoa butter”. This made the drink less fat.

Later, J.S  Fry & Sons put the “cocoa butter” back to a stage of chocolate and it was less dry, and for the first time ever, SOLID! But, we need more improvements.

So some people by the name of Daniel Peter mixed milk with chocolate. And, milk chocolate was born. 

Now that was the history of chocolate.

Zenith Attreya

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