The Top 5 Ways of Selling Insurance In 2022

Good salespeople know the value of empathizing with their clients. As an insurance agent, your clients need to first believe that you’re there for them and not the other way around. Ask about their family, their pets, hobbies, their music preference, or anything else they care about.

It is imperative to make them feel at ease. Sales is a long-term practice and your clients can decide on replacing you with a different agent any time.

An effective technique can be to identify which generation you’re selling insurance to. This can allow you to customize your selling approaches that you can take to reach an agreement. For example, Statista mentions that there were 67 million Gen Zs in the U.S. population in 2020.

As a generation who has never seen a world without mobile technology, they would perhaps be more comfortable talking with you via video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Maybe you could also try to find common ground with them by talking about the latest TikTok trends.

Agency Height Team

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