Today’s Wordle Answer #399 – July 23, 2022 Solution And Hints

Alright, well, out with it: the answer for today’s Wordle puzzle is ‘midge’, which is what you call any small fly that is harmless or doesn’t bite. You can also call midges ‘gnats,’ which is a more commonly used word.

If you find gnats in your house, you want to act fast. Again, they’re not harmless at all–in fact, most gnats just want to fly around, eat plants, and mate (via, which is a lifestyle we quietly respect. But they reproduce crazy fast, and their high-pitched buzzing can become a major annoyance.

Like yesterday, it took five tries to arrive at the answer, one try more than the WordleBot’s reported average of 4.2 guesses, which isn’t too shabby overall. Also, our fourth guess ‘wedge’ got a compliment from the WordleBot, and that’s always a welcome response.

Hopefully, this will be the last Wordle answer of the week that’s an annoying insect. We’ve had enough of those. See you tomorrow!

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