Underground Talk Overheard From the Root Zone

“Oh no, my leaves all died! Guess I’m done for this year, but I’ve got roots so I’ll see you all again in the spring.”

“See you later, Hosta. Or should we say… Hasta la…”

“Don’t say it! I’ll be back before you know it. I just hope she removes my ugly leaves soon. They are distracting my roots”

“Can you believe it?! She just pulled out one of my shoots! That hurt!”

“No problem, Thistle. You know what to do next.”

“Indeed, I do. I’m going to grow two, maybe three, more sprouts to replace that one because my roots really do go in all directions.

“Over here. She pulled me up too!”

“Oh, Dandelion. I’m so sorry. Did she leave any piece of root behind?”

“Let me check… yes, she did! I think it’s enough for me to grow back bigger. See you all again real soon!”

“Good-bye, radish, we’ll see you next year if Carol sows more seeds.”

“Yes, it was fun while it lasted. Me and carrot knew what our destiny was so don’t feel sorry for us. I’m pleased she pulled me out to eat.”

“What’s all this racket down here in the root zone? We trees are trying to grow more roots around here, but honestly… oh my goodness, did she just plunge a trowel into the ground right by my roots? That was a close call.”

“Looks like more bulbs are incoming. Prepare all forces to start helping the bulbs grow some roots. They’ll need them by spring.”

“Oh, Mr. Worm, that tickled me. Watch where you’re wiggling, there, good buddy.”

“Honestly, can a weed get a root in here? It’s getting crowded with all these Black-eyed Susans!”

“Hey, Oak tree, want to set up a fungal network with me? We can talk about stuff in the winter-time, plan for spring, figure out the best place to grow roots for nutrients, that kind of stuff.”

“Okay, Spruce-y, but you know roots don’t talk, right?”

“Um, then why isn’t it so noisy down here in the root zone?”


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