[VIDEO] Borla Can Make Your EV Sound Like a C8 Corvette

Finally, we are seeing some real innovation in adding sound to electric vehicles. During this week’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas, aftermarket exhaust maker Borla is showing off a system that can give your EV the sound of a revving C8 Corvette.

Bora demonstrated the system on a customized Shelby Mustang Mach-E at SEMA, and it was captured by Car and Driver:

The system utilizes a speaker, wiring harness, and computer/controller to generate the sound. Users will be able to select and customize the sounds via an app.

“We had customers coming to us, particularly with the Mach-E, and asking for more aggressive sound,” said VP of sales and marketing, David Borla. “Shelby said, ‘Help us out, we need to add some sound to these,’” says Borla. “When you lose sound, you lose vibrations, it’s a different experience.”

Borla says the sound is very customizable, and it only takes about an hour to do the installation.

[VIDEO] Borla Can Make Your EV Sound Like a C8 Corvette

So far, there are three specific exhaust notes offered that feature the C8 Corvette Stingray, the Mustang GT500 and the Chevrolet Camaro. Borla says that future options may be offered to give EV users a sound that is much different than the traditional rumble of a V8. “We’re working with a synthesizer company right now to come up with notes that have nothing to do with internal combustion,” he said.

We wrote about a similar system from Thor Tuning that offers a one or two-speaker system with volumes rated up to 50db with prices starting at $1,045.

Whether you’re a traditionalist that prefers internal combustion engines or an EV adopter who wants a little more from the latest technology, the good news from Borla is they can make whatever you drive sound better. Here’s another example from Borla:


Borla and Car and Driver


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