Wednesday Money Round Up


I am blissfully in the middle of getting ready for my annual hunting trip in Eastern Oregon.  So, today’s posting is a quick roundup of some fun apps that are working for me to make extra money and build passive income.

All of these are either interesting in terms of what the project is doing or profitable in terms of the amount of time invested.

1. Taking Surveys With 1Q. 1Q is survey app for the smartphone.  Most survey apps have a dramatically low payout for the amount of time they take.  1Q is pretty much one of the few exceptions to this rule.  You just sign up, answer a few questions and they pay you 25 cents per question you take. This is like x10 higher than what most of the competition is paying.  The only drawback is that 1Q doesn’t have a lot of questions.  You can sign up here.

2. Taking Surveys With Prolific. Prolific is a UK based survey site.  I’ve only been on there a short time, but I’m liking the volume of surveys and the compensation they offer.  I’m seeing things like 1.5 GBP for 5 minutes of time, or .16 pence for 1 minute.  So, prolific has a lot of short, high payout surveys.  Set up is also pretty easy, it’s a desktop/laptop app and you just need to answer a few questions.  I first heard about it on Reddit, and I kept seeing favorable mentions so I signed up.  You can find them here.

3. Mining Pi. Pi is an interesting crypto project founded by mathematicians and entrepreneurs Nicolas Kokkalis, Chengdiao Fan, and Vince McPhillip.  Pi is a bit of a sleeper in the crypto community. Nobody has really heard of it – but coin has seen widespread adoption. It has about 10 million active users and the community leaders appear to be making good decisions with it’s management.

Right now, in my view, the PI token is effectively valueless, but with ten million users and with obvious problems with alternative currencies, PI could have legs. Most importantly it is free to get into, and their smartphone app lets you mine it using a time release system, so its easy and simple to mine the stuff.  Check it out here for the iphone and here for the android.

4) Building Passive Income With Delphia. The last addition on this list is Delphia.  Delphia is a super interesting fintech start up.  What they want to do is basically use social media trends to predict the earnings of stocks.  Predicting the value of earnings is notoriously tricky. So, if the Delphia team can succeed, they’ll have a leg up in the stock market investing game.

How their app works is you sign up, and give them access to your financial purchase information, as well as social media.  They then use an AI to make trades on your behalf in your account.  As a reward for sharing your data you get a probably based monthly payout from the app.  It’s cool from an intellectual perspective and is great if you have a bit of capital to invest in a potentially better way to access the stock market.  You can find them here.

If you want some fun – get all four apps.

In addition to all this stuff, you should probably be exercising good personal finance basics, including maximizing contributions to tax advantaged retirement accounts, budgeting, saving and goal setting regularly.

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