What Is A Landrace Cannabis Strain?

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If you are a bit of a cannabis connoisseur then you have likely heard the term landrace before, but maybe you aren’t quite clear on what it means. That’s pretty fair as this kind of terminology can be a little confusing. Is a landrace strain something that you want? Does it affect potency or flavour? Does it need to come from a certain part of the world? All of these questions and more are about to be answered,  you lucky ducks. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling and get to the point, let’s find out exactly what is meant in the cannabis community by the word landrace. 


What Is A Landrace Strain?


You probably know that the human use of cannabis goes back tens of thousands of years. In parts of the world cannabis has always grown wild and was used recreationally, medicinally, and religiously for an extremely long time before it was popularised in the Western world. Back then, of course, the idea of interbreeding wasn’t in practice, so all of the strains used would be a specific strain that grew naturally without human intervention. They are usually referred to as the original genetics behind most of the world’s most popular hybrids. The genes that build the cannabis industry. They evolved over thousands of years and adapted to their environments making them pretty indestructible. They weren’t being cared for in the way that modern cannabis strains are today. That sounds a bit like a back-in-my-day for weed. Landrace strains used to have to walk 20 miles in the snow to get to school and they never complained, etc. However, without the natural evolution of these plants we wouldn’t be able to tailor new hybrids to create varied strains that can survive in less-than-ideal environments. 


Who Are The Original Landrace Strains?


We actually have no idea exactly how many landrace strains there are. Just like native animals in inhospitable areas we are constantly discovering new species and there could be infinite others out there. There are a few extremely popular strains that you might not even realize are originals, so here is a little list of a few landrace strains you likely know and love. 



This strain is probably familiar to you as it’s one of the most popular strains on the market. She has been used to make all sorts of amazing hybrids. This strain was popular among shamans to alter their mental state during rituals. It is a pretty strong strain with an average THC level of 21%, so no wonder it produced a spiritual adjacent high. It’s deliciously fruity and popular with those who enjoy an uplifting yet relaxing effect. 



Hindu Kush evolved in the Hindu Kush mountain region, not too surprising. Because it is a mountainous strain it is fast flowering and compact to deal with potentially inclement weather. It is also extremely hardy and isn’t too badly affected by mold or diseases. She has a deep bodily calming effect and is amazing for nausea, pain, and stress. 



Durban Poison is likely one of the most popular landrace strains on the market. It was first discovered in South Africa before it was imported to Holland to be integrated into publicly available cannabis genetics. Though it was made available for sale breeders have never actually messed with its genetics meaning that it is still completely pure and 100% Sativa. This means it has a cerebral, uplifting, and energetic effect and a deliciously spicy, hazy taste. 


  • Lamb’s Bread – Jamaica 


There is some contention about the origin of this strain but it’s generally agreed that it was first found in Jamaica. It is also a sativa and has an uplifting yet creative effect. It is most popular with medicinal users, especially those who suffer from depression, chronic stress, and similar mental health issues. 



This last strain is very popular as a base for other strains due to its extremely impressive effects and the fact that it is related to Hindu Kush. One of the main things that attract people to this strain is the high level of CBD, making it great for medicinal use. It’s a fantastic painkiller while simultaneously relaxing and uplifting. 


Are Landrace Strains Better Than Hybrids?


This is really a question that falls to the individual, much like asking are sativas better than indicas? I suppose there is always something to be said for hybrids because breeders can select a variety of genetics to make plants that have the best bits of all the landrace parents. Many people would rather go for a strain that has the relaxation of one landrace but with the hardy growing abilities of another for example. 

Cannabis breeding is an amazing science and now breeders are capable of creating all sorts of magical and incredible strains that can do pretty much whatever you’re looking for. Of course, this way of breeding isn’t for everyone. Many people, cannabis purists, etc, prefer to stick to the classic strains as they grow initially. 

If we are asking the question ‘are landrace strains better quality than hybrids?’, the answer is always just going to be sometimes. It depends on the landrace and it depends on the hybrid. There is something amazing about smoking a strain that hasn’t been tampered with by humans and I think a lot of people enjoy experiencing that connection to the earth that created this incredible plant all on its own. Some also believe that landrace strains are generally more potent and have cleaner effects, but there is only anecdotal evidence to support this claim. 


So in summation landrace strains are the reason we have all of the exciting hybrids we now have. The genetics they evolved over thousands of years make up every designer strain we may take for granted. If you really want to experience cannabis in its original form then definitely try and find a few landrace strains to try and see if you feel there is a difference. Feel free to let me know! 


Written by Tasha Porritt


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