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Most people have been playing a variety of games for rewards for many years. Regardless of whether it’s for achievements, bragging rights, or in-game currency, it makes sense to have something back for your efforts. There are many apps that pay instantly to cash app, and one of them is Rewarded Play. This gaming app has become quite popular recently because it allows you to make some extra money. But before you decide to download the app, there are some things you need to know. This page discusses Rewarded Play.  

Rewarded Play explained 

Rewarded Play is an app that allows you to earn money for casual gaming. You can use it to play games, such as Solitaire, Wheel of Fortune, and Mahjong. Therefore, you can earn reward points that you can exchange for gift cards from various major brands like Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and many more.

Keep in mind that points can usually add up quite fast and you can cash out by using the electronic gift card. In most cases, the electronic gift card can be available within 48 hrs. Each user is given a unique selection of games that are based on storage, device type, and the apps that you already installed on your device. In 2021, Rewarded Play introduced 112 new games to allow them to customize and expand your gaming experience. 

There are various gaming categories for Rewarded Play. This includes action, arcade, adventure, casual, casino, card, board, racing, puzzle, and many more. The good news is that Rewarded Play is free to download. Even better, the games are also free, but the app also gives you the chance to pay to play the games so that you can get more points.  

Remember that Rewarded Play is a safe app. The data that is sent between the Rewarded Play app and its servers is done through a secure HTTP protocol. This means that it’s encrypted; making sure that it protects the privacy of your information. They can sometimes collect your personal data so that they can understand your mobile gaming preferences and to give you the best experience, but Rewarded Play doesn’t sell your information to third parties. 

Take note that Rewarded Play is accessible in the US Android store. Rewarded Play has the point conversion system. 9,000 points can give you $1, but to cash out, you should have about 45,000 points, making it enough for a $5 gift card.  

Points can quickly add up, and new users can usually earn their first reward at least within two days after downloading the app. You can also decide to earn a free $5 gift card when you invite your friend to sign up and your friend redeems their first reward. This is a good option for many users because you can quickly make more cash when you invite more friends.

How Rewarded Play works

First of all, you need to download the Rewarded Play app from the Google Play Store. As explained earlier, this is a free app, though you need to provide your email address as well as agree to the terms and service. 

Some of the terms are allowing the Rewarded Play app to access specific information on your mobile phone like app downloads, app usage, messaging, and diagnostics. But if you refuse to agree to these terms of service, then you may fail to use the app. Therefore, ensure that you read the fine print before you decide to sign up. 

You can then download games you desire to play utilizing the app. There are usually many options, giving you the chance to play your favourite game and earn rewards. But if you already downloaded some of the games offered by Rewarded Play, you need to start fresh. Therefore, you should uninstall the games from your mobile phone and download them again via Rewarded Play so that you can earn rewards. 

The points you can get on Rewarded Play come in the form of coins that you may convert to gift cards. And, you can earn these coins when you reach specific levels in each game. Also, you can earn coins once you purchase something in the app.  When you reach higher levels in the game, then tend to get more challenging. As a result, it can take longer to earn points. 

You can earn more coins when you make in-app purchases, though there are also many free options. The free options that give you the chance to earn coins often require you to get to a certain level or even to play the games for a specific period. 

When you choose a game, it can display the goals you can get to earn coins. It’s crucial to remember that if you use several game reward apps, you cannot earn point from both apps. In most cases, there is a limit of a single platform per game. Besides, the Rewarded Play app has a limit of 5,000 points every day. Regardless of the number of times you play, it’s impossible to earn more points than this limit of points each day. The point count can reset every 24 hours.  

There are a couple of opportunities you can earn bonus points with this app. This includes Comeback Points. Take note these points reward you for coming back to the Rewarded Play app consequently. You can claim them by logging into your account and then click collect my points. 

When you claim these points, there is a countdown time that indicates the next time you may claim comeback points. And, new members can also earn free coins by simply logging into the app. In most cases, this can last at least 5 days after you become a member, so ensure that you log in daily to claim your points. New members can claim the points once every day.

In conclusion, Rewarded Play is an excellent app that can pay you with electronic gift cards, meaning you can receive some quick rewards for playing your favourite games. The app only offers digital gift cards that you can receive in your email. You can decide to sell this gift card to someone on the internet.


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