Woman Catches Uber Driver Breaking Into Her Apartment on Camera

Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have added new in-car safety features in recent months, but for one Uber passenger, the danger occurred well after she exited the car — when her Uber driver broke into her home.


In a video that’s been viewed over 349,000 times, TikTok user @GiGiRao shows terrifying footage from her Ring camera of what she claims is her Uber driver from earlier in the night breaking into her apartment while she was sleeping around 1:40 a.m.

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The clip prompted the rider to post a follow-up video explaining more about the situation.

She explained that she and her boyfriend had taken a ride with the driver (in the video) earlier in the night and arrived back at her apartment in Boston around 12:50 a.m., noting that nothing seemed odd about the ride.

When she viewed the Ring footage she was shocked and said that the driver came in and out of the apartment, looked around and then left.

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“I walked out of my room and saw that my living room screen window was cut open. And then there was like, some dirt like on the chair and stuff,” the TikToker said. “So he obviously cut it open and crawled through. And I don’t know how long he was in the apartment for but after I discovered all this I did call the police.”

She said that she wasn’t sure how he knew which unit was hers but assumed he had watched her go in and saw what lights in the apartment went on.

Many in the comment section suggested that the man was just coming in to get a layout of the apartment so that he could come back at a different time, prompting users to urge the TikToker to move apartment buildings.

“How is this not viral,” one user wrote. “I know it’s not financially doable for everyone but if you can break your lease, do, & move somewhere he doesn’t where you are.”

Uber has reportedly been contacted but the TikToker said that nothing has been done so far and that the company just said they would look into it.

Entrepreneur has reached out to Uber for additional information. However, in a statement to the Daily Dot, Uber said that the driver has been banned from the app, calling his behavior “unacceptable” and that the company is “standing ready to help law enforcement in their investigation.”

“Thankfully, I’m okay, but just everyone be safe because you never know what can happen,” the TikToker warned viewers. “The ride seemed totally normal.”

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